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Solutions Through Astrology & Vastu

Jyotish - the science of light- is known by the names: "Vedic Astrology", "Hindu Astrology" or "Indian Astrology". The ancient culture of India over thousands of years has developed the scientific approach towards the effect of the planetary movements, their positions at the time of our birth or commencement of a work, that have a deep impact on our lives, and inculcated all this knowledge into the science of Jyotish.
Jyotish is an Vedanga and in its approach it follows the Vedic teaching. Jyotish does not believe in fatalism- a pre destined life, it goes further and helps you choose which is best for you. Your future is in your own hands and Jyotish helps you take a better control over it.

About Pandit Manish Bhardwaj

Pandit Manish Bhardwaj, the famous Astrologer & Vastu Expert is a considerable man of multiple talents and professions. He born and brought up in Jaipur (is also famous as “Choti kashi” which is a famous place for astrological science in India). Pandit Manish Bharadwaj has gain the expertise Horscope Reading, Vastu, Reki, Pranic Healing, Face Reading
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